📢 Appeal feature now live on MSPH!

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We are pleased to announce that we have made some improvements to the appeal function on MSPH.

Under the "Content" tab, where you can view your published, under review, and unpublished content, you will now find a "Rejected" sub-tab with (…)

By clicking on these dots, you will see an expanded view for:

  • Appealable
  • Appeal denied
  • Appealing
  • Appeal error

Content is now being bifurcated when any content is rejected on MSPH based on the above criteria.
Appealable: Refers to content or actions that are eligible for appeal. When something is marked as "appealable," it means that there is a process in place to challenge or contest a decision related to it.

Appeal denied: Indicates that an appeal for certain content or action has been rejected. This means that the initial decision made regarding the content or action remains unchanged after the appeal process has been completed.

Appealing: This typically refers to the action of making an appeal.

Appeal error: Suggests that there was an issue or mistake encountered during the appeal process.