📢Enabling Feed Report Download on MSPH!

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We are happy to announce the launch of the feed management improvement in MSPH, including feed health report download for all partners and feed configuration with content expiration date settings.

Key Updates

Enable the Feed Report Download: Encompasses all feed information pertaining to brands, provides metrics such as reliability, average latency, and publishing rate within the selected time range. Additionally, it details the count of received, published and rejected content, specifying the reasons for any rejections.

How it works?

Login from Microsoft Start Partner Hub (msn.com)  and navigate to the content management section. Here you will find the feed report download under the ‘Overview’ section for each brand.

Enable feed report download feature for both managed and C2S partners by including detailed information for brand and feed.

Downloadable Feed Report: The report could be downloadable from the brand overview section based on the selected time range.

Detailed Information Export: Export detailed information pertaining to the brand, feed, and content via a CSV download process. This information includes:

Brand name

Feed ID

Feed name

Feed URL

Feed type (article, gallery, or video)

Feed status (active, failed, suspended, deleted, or unknown)

Feed health data such as reliability for feed pull success rate and average latency for the average time of feed pull-run completion.

Content funnel data for analysis drill down by publish rate, content received, published, and failed content counts grouped by rejection reason.