Case tracking - now available on MSPH!

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Opened a case with support? Now you can track every case within MSPH. MS Start brings you Case Tracking! Here's a quick guide:

Simply navigate to your brand/partner account and click on 'Case tacker' on the right-side panel.
Track the status of every case from your submissions and partner accounts. Search your email for all case responses you submitted.

Reply needed: Cases that are pending partner responses. PHS teams are actively seeking your attention to provide additional details or clarification on some cases.
Escalated: Cases that have been internally escalated and require additional attention with our PHS team, making sure critical matters and addressed and resolved.
In progress: Keep track of the cases that our PHS team is actively working on. This section provides visibility into ongoing efforts to address and resolve partner cases.
Resolved: List of cases that have been successfully resolved by our PHS team. You can track the progress made.

We'd love to see some feedback on this! Let us know what you think about this feature ☺️