Hi I'm Lilia from Microsoft Start! Cool opportunity for CES conference below.

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Will anyone be headed to the CES conference in Las Vegas in January? 

What is CES? CES is considered the largest conference for consumer technology. This tech tradeshow takes place every January in Las Vegas. Registration Information (ces.tech)

Need a ticket? We have $100 off tickets for our publishing community if anyone wants a discount code!! (use the code ECCfby8n to register). Tickets range from $300 to $1200, and they also have digital passes. 

Visit Microsoft’s Creator Booth at CES: Microsoft has a dedicated area for press, influencers, and creators to be able to create content. Stop by and tag @msn and #MyStartNow, or take a photo and share with us in the community forum!  

This quiet filming space will have large windows, so you can take advantage of the buzz of CES without the noise pollution. It also comes equipped with film lights, a table, and free Wi-Fi so you can upload your video once you are done. The space will be available in Microsoft Booth in the Central Hall (#15283) during show hours. To reserve this filming space, please email MSDevicePartner@we-worldwide.com.  

ps- if we haven't connected yet, you can find me on LinkedIn here too! Lilia Karimi | LinkedIn