New Opportunity to Monetize Your Website with Microsoft!

Piper Essick
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Hi everyone! We love having you in our Microsoft Start program and wanted to share a new opportunity that we are telling creators about.

There’s another team part of Microsoft that is working on solutions to help creators monetize their personal sites through native ads. The solution can be implemented either through Google Ad Manager or code on page, and there are no revenue or volume thresholds to participate. The team is looking to hop on a call with a few of our Microsoft Start creators – and we wanted to see if you would be interested! 

They are looking to get on a 30-minute phone call to understand how you currently run your ads for your blog (it’s okay if you don’t have ads either!), and then also see if you would be a good match for the new ads program they are working on. 

 If interested, please send Piper a private message with your email and we will connect you to the right people!